We’ll Implement a Full-Funnel, Integrated Marketing Approach

To help you solve your challenges, we devise integrated strategies that take a full-funnel approach to marketing—establish a strong foundation, build brand at the top of the funnel, generate leads and convert sales in the middle, and increase customer loyalty at the bottom.

Builders and Drivers

Phoenix plans and conducts two types of marketing campaigns—builders and drivers.

Builders are recurring campaigns that lay the groundwork for future success. Builder campaigns, such as blogging, PR and social engagement, are designed to create and expand assets on an ongoing basis, and largely support top-of-the-funnel metrics (i.e. visitors, subscribers, reach).

Drivers are campaigns that capitalize on existing assets to generate short-term returns in the middle and bottom of the funnel (i.e. leads, new customer conversions, recurring sales), and are often conducted over one-to-three month periods.

Think of builders as marathons, and drivers as sprints. During the planning process, Phoenix ensures your campaigns align with marketing goals, personas and company milestones.

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Brand Marketing

Your brand is the foundation upon which your entire organization and marketing campaigns are built. Read More

Content Marketing

Create content that audiences crave. Brands have become storytellers, competing for the hearts and minds of consumers. Read More

Data Analysis

There is a growing need to demonstrate marketing ROI and understand consumers’ behaviour through the context of their actions. Read More

Email Marketing

Excel at the building, reaching and influencing email audiences. Read More

Graphic Design

Capture interest with imagery. Visual storytelling is critical, and strong graphic design skills are key to enhancing the value and shareability of your content marketing assets. Read More

Lead Management

Nurture leads through to close. Marketers are being asked to drive actions and outcomes deeper into the marketing funnel. Read More

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a must for businesses. Our team can help you develop a Mobile Marketing strategy aimed at reaching customers. Read More

Public Relations

Build relationships and enhance communications. PR encompasses any activity, online or offline, designed to improve communications and build relationships. Read More

Sales Integration

Perfect the marketing-to-sales handoff. Marketing and sales teams must be in sync to maximize lead flow, customer conversions, revenue, and profits. Read More

Search Engine Optimization

Get found online. Ranking organically at the top of search engine results pages is a highly competitive and potentially lucrative endeavor for businesses.
Read More

Social Media Marketing

Connect where audiences gather. Social media is more than sharing your content and building reach. Read More

Strategic Planning

Strategy involves three phases - evaluating past performance, industry opportunities and potential roadblocks; establishing goals, audiences and activities; and executing and measuring campaigns. Read More

Traditional Advertising

Your website is a lead-generation and multimedia content publishing tool.
Read More

Website Development

Design a lead-generating hub. Your website is a lead-generation and multimedia content publishing tool.
Read More

PPC Management

Amplify your business's/or brands reach to desirable target audiences. PPC campaigns can help you to find qualified leads for your business. Read More

Phoenix offers a full scale of in-house services to meet your needs. From strategy, creative development, and customer experience, to implementation and performance measurement in traditional and digital media, our wide range of abilities can maximize your ROI and the effectiveness of your campaign.

The benefits of having everything done in-house include:

* Faster workflow and decisions

* Integrated solutions

* Effective cost control

* Efficient project management

* Seamless integrated messaging/imagery

* Your own dedicated team

If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us.

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