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RE-40 | Breathe NEW Life Into YOUR Business

What do you do when your business is no longer connecting with the market as it once did, your growth is slowing and your margins are declining?  Skyrocketing sales are sometimes followed by an industry-wide downturn, leaving you back where you started. But what about when you simply hit a plateau, and can’t see the next source of growth?

You Breathe NEW Life Into YOUR Business. Business renewal is the process by which you craft a revised business model that will bring your business back to vitality.

But how can you renew your business while your employees and you are already overloaded and are in the set of mind to just run your business and deal with day to day operations? Who should take the lead for renewal? What is the renewal step-by-step process? What are the tools which make renewal available to any organization? Given all of the other priorities in your organization, how can you minimize the time and effort required for developing and executing your renewal strategies?  RE-40: Breathe NEW Life Into YOUR Business will help you navigate through this.

You might find yourself in a different scenario. You’re planning to retire and your children are ready to step up. This scenario can go either way. They have been shadowing you over the years. If so, they will more than likely continue on the same path. They may look at your business in a totally different perspective. Either way, RE-40: Breathe NEW Life Into YOUR Business will help you navigate through this.

Nearly every entrepreneur I have met in my career has a purposeful and directed passion that drives his or her every move. It’s that energy that I find so inspirational. The indomitable belief entrepreneurs have in themselves and their dreams are by far their most valuable asset.

It takes hard work to continually transform that passion into fresh ideas and new approaches to problem solving. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the mundane yet necessary daily management activities of your business. To power your continued success, make it a top priority to constantly renew your entrepreneurial spirit.

Stay connected to your drive and let your passion infuse your business with big-picture thinking. Set aside time to keep focused on your current goals and inspires new ideas for taking your business to the next level.

RE-40: Breathe NEW Life Into YOUR Business is designed to recharge your business and take it the next level.  The focus behind this is to share with business owners that it is normal to rebuild your business at some point. It is not due to failure. Conditions change and businesses have to change with it. It is an exciting phase in the business cycle and should be entered with optimism and excitement.

You’ve been around the block. You’ve picked up a few things along the way. You have forgotten more than most people in your industry will remember. With all this knowledge, you are in a much better to re-start your business.

The intent behind the whole exercise is to position yourself and/or your company as the experts in your category. Customers (existing and potential) identify you as an expert.

Over the next year, focus on one “Re” initiative every week. Examine it thoroughly and determine what you will do to enhance it. Identify priorities, “big wins” and low hanging fruit that you can act on right away.

You’ll find that once your staff is on side, you will be able to run a couple of “Re” initiatives parallel to each other. If you do this, make sure you confer at the end of the week to ensure that you are aligned. Keep in mind; you’ll need to give your staff time during the week in order to work on this. It’s important to note that regular work also needs to be done during this time.

Remember, this is not something you can do on your own. You have to identify a staff member who wants to take ownership. This person will report back all the accomplishments. The more people reporting back accomplishments, the stronger your company will become.

The more time your employees take during the regular work week to work on this, the faster you will enhance and rebuild your business, and the quicker you will be generating “new” revenue.

Create excitement and expectation.

When you put all these initiatives into play, the business will run much better and depending on the type of business you are in, you will be able to spend more time away from the office. Over time you will be required less and less.

You deserve a break!

Workshop Details

Workshop Cost:                              $4995 + HST

Facilitated By:                                 Ross Marin Senior Strategist

Length of Workshop:                     5 sessions:

  • 90 Minute meeting with Owner(s)
  • 2 hours with Management team
  • 1 hour follow up for 3 months

Material Provided:                          Workbook

Location:                                           At your office


Learning Outcome:

Upon successful completion of this workshop, your staff will be recharged and put in a position to bring your business to the next level.

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