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As a brand new company, Monkey had a company name, several products and nothing else.What they did have was a 90-day deadline to launch their brand on a national level. At Phoenix Agency we love pressure: 90 days, 90 weeks or 90 months makes no difference.


Gave birth to a brand, nurtured it, cared for it, then watched it crawl and saw it take its first steps. Phoenix Agency also did everything below and all in-house.


> Developed communication strategy: As Monkey only had a company name and product, the entire brand communication strategy was built from the ground up. This included the 5 Ws of marketing:

  1. a) Who are we selling to age, sex, socioeconomic group, geographic area
  2. b) What are we selling: how do Monkey products compare to the competition
  3. c) Where are we selling: what forms of media would yield best dollar value
  4. x) When are we launching: what is the time frame the client has set
  5. e) Why are we selling: is the product filling a niche, or is it superior to competitor’s products

> Phoenix Agency created a 2-year strategy on the needs and goals of Monkey’s CEO. The strengths and weaknesses of the product and brand were identified, as well as opportunities and a strategic plan were created accordingly.


> Phoenix Agency recognizes that a brand is the most valuable intangible asset of a corporation. Brand management is integral for a new business, with research, analysis & planning on how the brand (and the brand’s products) will be perceived. Understanding where competitors stood and what their brands represented, Phoenix Agency created Monkey’s branding to stand out in comparison.

> Phoenix Agency developed the brand identity, terminology, design, logo & mascot while writing all copy and design elements. This also included: tag lines, brand voice, creative direction, social media approach.


> A new brand requires a sense of legitimacy from potential customers and the market, and the easiest way to do so is via a TV campaign promoting Monkey and its current line of products. Phoenix Agency developed & produced 3 – 15-second commercials to demonstrate the power & necessity of the product.

> Based on a 26-week launch on Canadian media:

  1. a) The total TV spots are 1292
  2. b) Total impressions are estimated to be 31,323,325
  3. c) Total investment was $140,000.000 CAD

> The agency was also active in media planning and buying, with the commercials being presented on Sportsnet, Food Network, HGTV, and OLN.


> Design, print & mailing of brochures to reach Retail Buyers.

> Additionally, the email campaign and lead generation were created and captured utilizing the appropriate technologies.

> Utilizing a database of 7,000 Retail Buyers contacts, Phoenix Agency targeted these relevant contacts with the direct mail campaign. Specific Intent: add our product to their planogram.


> The online/digital experience is the most prevalent and persuasive form of advertising. For Monkey, Phoenix Agency designed and built an SEO friendly website (, as well as the mobile version.

> The website and analytics tracking tools were implemented to see the return on investments & user engagement.

> Integrated tools were implemented on the website to ensure ease for potential retailers to become monkey dealers.


> Phoenix Agency created an original cover photo and developed Monkey’s brand profile for Twitter, Facebook & YouTube to engage its audience.

> All the social media content and content strategy was created and deployed. The TV commercials would also be utilized on the brand’s YouTube channel and social media accounts.

> As a new company, free advertising and exposure via social media is integral to success, therefore Phoenix Agency strategized to piggyback and interact with other monkey-oriented brands and icons such as:

* Subway (the Subway mascot)

* Aladdin (Abu the monkey)

* The Monkees (rock band)

* Toronto Zoo

* and more.


> Phoenix Agency developed, designed & produced in-store advertising materials for retailers.


> Phoenix Agency created 14 unique packages for a variety of products for Monkey, including the POP

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