Lead Management

Nurture leads through to close. 

Marketers are being asked to drive actions and outcomes deeper into the marketing funnel. It is not enough to generate leads through a website, content downloads, events and incoming phone calls.

Our marketing agency Vaughan team is equipped to help you score, nurture and qualify leads before delivering them to sales.

  • Align content marketing tactics with the buying cycle.
  • Automate follow-up communications.
  • Tweak activities based on performance and lead responses.
  • Close the loop, and understand how each tactic impacts the bottom line.
  • Ensure a smooth handoff between marketing and sales.

Why Hire Phoenix Agency For Lead Management Services?

  • Our marketing agency Vaughan team is equipped to help you score, nurture and qualify leads before delivering them to sales.
  • Our team is used to grabbing the public attention and holding it.
  • Our lead services partners bring potential customers into direct contact with your sales department.

The Benefits of LeadsA lead service and traditional marketing strategies in conjunction with each other can provide a balanced marketing effort. Marketing helps develop a brand, while a lead service will help close sales by providing leads that are already seeking the service offered.

Outbound marketing is what used to just be known as “marketing.” Traditional marketing is interruptive and it pushes itself at an audience, whether the audience wants it or not. TV and radio ads, telemarketing, banner and display ads, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads, cold calling, pop-ups, and contextual ads are all examples of outbound marketing. Outbound marketing has fallen out of favour in the last 10 years. Oversaturation — especially on the internet — caused people to start ignoring display advertising.

Inbound marketing is a relatively new marketing concept where marketers attempt to “pull” in potential customers with interesting content. Also called content marketing, inbound marketing services provided by Phoenix Agency, a digital marketing agency in Vaughan, involves creating blog posts, social media, infographics, white papers, email newsletters, and other content that people actually want to read. Search engine optimization paid discovery, and paid search help people find marketers’ content. If it’s engaging enough, they interact with it, reading and sharing, and come away with a positive impression of the brand that influences later purchasing decisions. Inbound marketing is very hands-off and indirect: there’s never a noticeable sales pitch. Inbound marketing nudges customers down the sales funnel by increasing their engagement with the brand.

Marketing is about two things: name recognition and closing sales. Marketing is about more than a sales presentation. It’s about grabbing the public attention and holding it. A lead service delivers an interested public. Developing a brand requires marketing, closing sales requires marketing and a lead service. Businesses that want to close sales should say yes to a lead service.

A lead service generates success. Marketing executives may disagree on the best form of marketing, but lead executives will tell you to spread the wealth. Traditional marketing such as the magazine advertisements, newspaper advertisements and flyers are not replaced by a lead service but complemented by it.

If this still doesn’t answer why a business should say yes, then a business needs to understand that a lead service delivers respondents that already want the service. Leads come in a variety of packages from multiples to exclusive, but what a lead service offers a business is a customer that is already primed to buy.

A traditional advertisement costs a significant investment targeted at a specific demographic that may return absolutely nothing. A lead service generates viable leads that are already interested in the service offered. From mortgages to insurance to credit counseling, a lead service is managed marketing that effectively uses a budget with a greater chance of return than traditional marketing can provide.

A lead service lets loan and mortgage officers keep one finger on the pulse of the business. There’s a huge marketplace of consumers looking to refinance, take out home equity loans or just interested in what they could potentially qualify for in a home mortgage. Lead services bring these potential customers into direct contact with the loan officers and agents that can provide them with their loans.

Because of their unique ability to plug a business right into its marketplace, lead services are gaining in popularity. Leads that turn out to be inaccurate or imprecise are often replaced. However, while a lead service can provide numerous potential customers, it remains the responsibility of the business to pursue and close the sales.

Among the five best reasons to utilize a lead service are:

  • Wider access to a pool of clients who are ready to go.
  • Aggressive marketing tool.
  • A lower initial investment that promises a higher possible return.
  • Avoiding the “something for nothing” marketing that comes with standard advertisements.
  • Receiving increased visibility to the marketplace and opportunities for word of mouth references.

Ultimately, a lead service is best used for a specific type of project. A business that handles multiple projects may use a variety of leads from the same service or from multiple services. It’s important to view a lead service from macro-economical point of view. While some businesses can flourish using only a lead service, there is a greater chance for failure when placing all the eggs in one basket.

Businesses do best when they utilize a mixed bag of marketing techniques such as:

  • Lead Service
  • Paid Advertisements (Magazine, Newspaper, Radio, Flyers and more)
  • Word of Mouth
  • Internet Presence (Web Pages & Banner Ads)

Lead service prices can vary and many offer a variety of options from multiple lead deliveries to exclusive leads, to generating only a set number of leads per month. The prices are often commensurate with the type of service. As with any type of marketplace, the value is often weighed against cost. The lower the cost, the lower the value. However, a lead service is a great complement to a strong advertising culture for a business to flourish within.

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